St. Stephen's Anglican Catholic Church
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Whenever we tell someone that we are "Anglican Catholic", we often get responses like "What the heck is that?", or, "How is it possible to be both Anglican and Catholic?". Our response to the latter is, "We can't imagine how it could be possible to be either Anglican or Catholic, without being both!"

Quite simply, Anglican means "Of English", and Catholic means "Universal". It simply means that we are the spiritual descendants of the ancient English Catholics, from which grew the Church of England, and the Anglican Church Worldwide. As will happen when any part of the Body of Christ adopts social and secular understandings of how to apply the teachings of the Church, the Holy Spirit simultaneously provides an opportunity for God's faithful people to stand firm on Truth and the Faith of our Fathers. We are ever-thankful to those who followed the Holy Spirit in the ways that were necessary to establish the Anglican Catholic Church!

As a result, St. Stephen's parish is characterized by its use of the Authorized King James version of the Bible, the Anglican Missal for Masses, and the Book of Common Prayer (American 1928). Words like "orthodox", "traditional", and "authentic" are often and accurately used to describe our acceptance of Church Doctrine, reverent Worship of God, and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Commitment to Worship

In 1993, St. Stephen's was founded by Canon Craig Merkel, his wife and family, and a small group of very close friends who shared the same vision to plant a traditional, orthodox Anglican parish, rooted in ancient Catholic order. Today, 21 years later, St. Stephen's is blessed with a growing and dynamic body of Christians, committed to maintaining those founding principles, and carrying the Light of Christ into the modern world, without compromise of Christian Faith, as given us by Christ and His Apostles. 




Personal Spiritual Development

At. St. Stephen's we believe that in order for the world to see the Light of Christ in us, we must truly practice a personal life of devotion to God in Word, Sacrament and Prayer. A vibrant parish is one with its doors open to the faithful members of its parish, and to the community at large; a visible and active worship of God, and a visible and active presence in the community. Many opportunities for worship AND community service are engaged at     St. Stephen's. 

Firm in Faith, Committed in Service to God and Neighbor, Loyal to the Teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

A Growing Parish, in Spirit, Faith, and Practice!