St. Stephen's Anglican Catholic Church
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Welcome to St. Stephen’s Parish Website !

The Administration of our Parish is accomplished through our Vestry. With the Rector, our Vestry is comprised of a Senior Warden, whose duty it is to represent the concerns and needs of the Parish to the Rector as well as represent the decisions taken at vestry meetings to the Parish. In essence, the Sr. Warden is the first Executive Officer of the Parish, and is responsible to the Rector.  The Junior Warden is charged with the responsibility to oversee the proper function and maintence of our facilities. The Parish Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all of the financial aspects of the Parish, and 3 additional vestrymen provide for the proper deliberation over providing for the temporal needs of the parish. The Clerk of the Vestry is not a vestry member but serves the very important role of keeping us all on the same page!

Each year, during our annual parish meeting, two members of our vestry are relieved of their duties and two parishioners are elected to replace them. Vestrymen are elected to serve 3 year terms.

Commitment to Worship

The first priority in each of the lives of those who lead the Parish in the various aspects of parish life, is their personal committment to the worship of Almighty God. Nothing is more important than this fundamental aspect of a Christian's life. Plenty of time is given to the attention of the temporal needs of the parish, but only after due time is given to God in worship. All Vestry members, Parish development leaders, and all in positions of responsibility are dedicated to Christ! 

Personal Spiritual Development

Fr. William+ studied Theology at Ohio Dominican Univeristy, graduated from Northeastern University (NEU) in Boston with a BSc, summa cum laude. With MSc studies at NEU, Clinical Pastoral Education at Mount Carmel in Ohio, Fr. William+ has a well rounded portfolio of experience and education. He has served parishes in the ACC for 16 years and is also the Vicar General for the Diocese of New Orleans, ACC.

Our Vestry, (clockwise, starting with the Priest!) are: Fr. William+, Karen (clerk of the Vestry), Valerie  (Sr. Warden), Mike K(Vestryman), Mike T (Treasurer), William A (Vestryman), Dr. Jo Ann (Vestryman), and  Robert (Junior Warden), and Florencio (Vestryman)